Sunday, 15 March 2015

Clockwork Noise - Dissolution, Single

Clockwork Noise, 'Dissolution'

Info: Clockwork Noise are a five-piece band from Dublin made up of Blathnaid Healy (violin & cello), Dylan Nolan (bass), Michael Fenton (drums), Robert Maguire (lead vocals, guitar) and Chris O'Connor (guitar), with all weighing in on vocals. In 2013 the band released their debut album, Whethermachines and now they're back with a new single, 'Dissolution', from their forthcoming E.P., Light On Light. The band wrote the track in an old farmhouse in Waterford using 'minimal electronic drums, chaotic strings and repetitive saccharine melodies to create a powerful sense of emotion, and reflection.'

'Dissolution' seems to represent a potentially new direction for Clockwork Noise when put beside their debut album which was more alt rock oriented, and this could be a good thing in terms of how the music is developing. The track feels more introspective and the strings at the opening of the song and throughout are hypnotic. As the band outline above they've left the fuss out of the music and I'm glad they've avoided over-complicating the electronic side of things because the song is most appealing with it's clearly defined layers of music and vocals. I'm a total sucker for strings, I could almost listen to Marian Finucane reading Fifty Shades with a violin in the background, so I'm looking forward to hearing the remainder of Light On Light when it's ready, overall solid stuff from Clockwork Noise and more than enough to whet the appetite.

Artwork by Sydney Sie

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