Saturday, 21 March 2015

Debut E.P.: Video Blue - 'More Pop Troubles'

Video Blue, 'FILMIC'

Info: Video Blue is the new project from Bold Things guitarist and singer Jim O'Donoghue Martin, with the Dundalk man moving into the electronic sphere on his debut solo E.P., More Pop Troubles. Recorded on a low budget in his bedroom in Hackney, London as well as additional vocals in his home town, Jim used multiple instruments in an effort to find a middle ground between the guitar-based music he's accustomed to making and ambient electronica. 

Opening track 'Talisman' is a moody beat-driven number with sombre vocals that hints at Radiohead's Kid A / Amnesiac era, and has a really nice piano-led breakdown around the two minute mark before setting off again, perhaps the most stark example of the new sound on display. Next comes 'Mammies & Daddies' which blends O'Donoghue Martin's twin styles nicely together, there's an Elliott Smith sound to the opening acoustic guitar intro which quickly morphs into digital but also flits between electric and acoustic. 

After a brief instrumental the E.P. arrives at by far my favourite track, 'FILMIC' (above) is simply delightful, a really charming indie song that leaves you feeling all kinds of happy inside, it's rhythm and jangly guitars make it feel like a low-fi modern take on a La's song. The video is great too, in Jim's own words; 'the inspiration lies somewhere between Fr.Damo from Father Ted and John Kenny's 'Bridies Christening' sketch from the D'unbelievables live show.' Finally 'Real Vernal' closes More Pop Troubles and shows yet another different style at play, with an almost grungy alt-rock sound similar to what you might expect from an artist like Beck.  

Despite the recording being entirely home made, you almost wouldn't notice it, which is a testament to being able to make something sound good without throwing loads of money and gimmicks at it. The five tracks are varied yet undeniably cut from the same hue, with Video Blue's distinctive echoing electric guitar effect and vocal pitch found throughout (apart from on the aforementioned instrumental track 'Troy Bit'). There's no doubting the creativity behind More Pop Troubles and it provides a really interesting insight into the musical thought process of it's creator, who knows where it may lead!

Video Blue, 'Talisman'

If Video Blue's music made you happy, you can make Jim happy by heading over to his SoundCloud and listening to more tunes or even give the Video Blue Bookface Page an auld Like.

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