Sunday, 1 March 2015

E.P. Review: Brazil - Machine

Brazil, 'Machine'

Info: Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, come dream-pop indie troupe Brazil who are releasing their new E.P. Machine in advance of their second album's release this coming May. Title track 'Machine' (above) is addictive, contains simple yet punchy pop beats backed up by a Talking Heads style guitar riff throughout, and is accompanied by a delightfully blood-filled video. The next track, 'Offensive To Cats' has an intro that reminds me like a slowed down version of 'Where Is My Mind?' by The Pixies, but quickly departs down the rabbit hole to psych-land, before an almost grungy finale, different, but just as enjoyable as the opener on the E.P.. 'Never Gonna See You Again' contrasts once again from it's predecessors, with heavy rhythmic acoustic bass sounds, nice harmonica and a lovely build up to a feel-good final third. 

Brazil, 'Never Gonna See You Again'

Machine gets its dreamy electronica on with the final track, 'Perfect / Discovery of the Cell Phone', lines such as 'I asked you a question, when we were high, what will happen to our selves, when we die' & 'You want to be happy, well that's fine, what does it mean to you today, if it's designed?' pose philosophical questions that are to be asked in the small wee hours, wrapped up in hazy sound-bites. There's plenty of variety here on only four tracks, but it's not in any way disorientating or confused, with the digital cosmos loosely binding Machine together from start to finish. I've heard a few tracks from the forthcoming album and conclude that Brazil are an interesting act that bounce pleasantly from genre to genre with ease.

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