Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Single: Bells Atlas - 'Future Bones'

Bells Atlas

Bells Atlas, 'Future Bones'

Info: Bells Atlas emerges from the vibrant cultural and musical backdrop of Oakland, CA. Blending soulful vocals, an affinity for rhythm and an adventurous spirit, this dynamic group has arrived at a sound their own. Self-described as 'kaleidosonic soul punch afro-soul, rhythm pop-sicles taste the rainbow Missy Elliot meets Bjork meets the Malian-born love child of David Longstreth and Annie Clark or something like that'. 

'Future Bones' gets straight down to business with it's stark beats and chillwave electronic sounds from the get go. It certainly is an afro-soul track, with it's sequenced heavy drumming introduction, and my god, those vocals from lead singer Sandra Lawson-Ndu are to die for, like the perfect melding of Sneaker Pimps and Beth Orton, and musically Blueboy's 'Remember Me' tempered by good indie-pop. It's hard to describe in a way but it's very easy to listen to, and I also quite enjoyed their studio performance of their older song 'Video Star' as well (below). There's a nice effortless blend of styles in Bells Atlas' music and it's highly enjoyable. 'Future Bones' is out today.

Bells Atlas, 'Video Star'

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