Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Long Forecast Gig Roundup

If you're like me and you need a lot of notice to organise yourself because you're a disorganised individual, the following are a few live shows coming up over the next few months that I'd recommend heading along to, and will probably end up at most of myself....

Easter Sunday, 5th of April - FOR JAYSIS SAKE, The Sugar Club

Featuring a solo set from Mark Austin from The Minutes, with support from Spines, Segrasso, Gavin & The Icons and The Dead Sets. I'm not up to speed on some of the support here but Segrasso live will be worth the visit in itself. Having recently seen them support Naoise Roo at her single launch in The Workman's Club, they blew the stage apart live.

Segrasso, 'Cell'

Friday, 17th April, Kevin Nolan, The Workman's Club

I've missed one or two of Kevin Nolan's recent live shows so I'm pretty excited about this one, previously interviewed here on the blog and his debut album reviewed, the wondrous Frederick & The Golden Dawn, the Dubliner's live show promises to be enigmatic, theatrical and memorable. There will also be support from Thomas Truax, The Revelator Orchestra and Al Doyle.

Photo: Mihai Cucu

Kevin Nolan, 'Ballade to St. Dymphna'

Saturday, 18th of April, ¡NO with Gavin Prior, T-Block Smithfield, 4pm

Concrete Soup is a monthly improv performance with house band ¡NO having a new guest on each occasion, both perform separately and then together for the finale of the evening, without preparation, and let the music do the talking. I previously attended the January event and it was a great experience, something everyone should check out at least once.

Photo: Remy Connolly

¡NO, 'paper tiger paper snake'

Tuesday, 5th of May, Public Service Broadcasting, The Button Factory

Also recently interviewed on the blog, Public Service Broadcasting's The Race for Space has been up their with Panda Bear, and now possibly Sufjan Stevens, as my album of the year so far. I've also been equally and belatedly hooked on 2013's Inform - Educate - Entertain, I have my tickets for this one already and one of the most appealing aspects of seeing them live will be the audio-visual experience (taster below), should be well worth the paltry ticket fee of €17.35.

Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting, 'Go!'

Saturday, 15th of May, Duke Special, Vicar Street

Duke Special
Photo: Remy Connolly

Duke Special, 'Nail on the Head'

With his new album, Look Out Machines! out this week, Mr.Special is playing both Belfast's Mandela Hall and Vicar Street in Dublin. I recently saw him in the now legendary Abner Browns Barbershop in Rathmines, Dublin and really enjoyed the whole performance despite the fact I hadn't heard any of the songs previously. Duke Special goes deep with his music, lyrics and singing and also does a damn good job of entertaining in between songs, I'm not sure what his set up will be in terms of a backing band but it will be good to see him again with more musicians and being more familiar with the new album which is currently streaming in full on The Irish Times website here

Saturday, 30th of May, Sinead White, The Sugar Club

Sinead White
Photo: Dave Kelly

Sinead White, 'Every Breaking Wave' (U2)

The great thing about the aforementioned Abner Browns is that without fail the support act rivals the main act every time, such was the case when singer-songwriter Sinead White came on before Duke Special on the same night. Incredibly powerful voice, quirky instrumentals, and most importantly good songs, ranging from soft to high-powered, even in an acoustic set. To give an idea have a listen to her make a track off U2's slightly maligned recent album sound fantastic above. White is definitely a rising star on the Dublin music scene and now is the time to catch her.

More gig guides next month, including a certain local festival I'm quite excited about.

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