Monday, 13 April 2015

New Single: Mark Buckeridge - So Long

Mark Buckeridge So Long

Mark Buckeridge, 'So Long'

Info: When I reviewed Mark Buckeridge's second E.P. release, Talking Is Good For You, last year I finished off by wondering what he would pull out of his magician's hat next and he's come up with an absolute peach of song in 'So Long'. I must have listened to the track 5 times on the bounce last Saturday and found it mesmerising after the first listen, there's a natural and seemingly effortless song-writing talent at play in his music. It drifts from 50's crooning rock intro to twangy electric guitar, to gloriously layered vocal harmonies and a Joy Division sounding keyboard outro. That description might sound messy, but it's a beautifully enjoyable arc from start to finish, and there's something about Buckeridge's vocals that are so clean and original sounding, a complete joy to listen to. 

If this is your first time listening to Mark Buckeridge, you might also want to check out 'I Can't Talk To You' below which featured on the blog's 2014 Best Irish Tracks, there's also plenty more on his YouTube channel bucker9. There's also a free download of 'So Long' on Mark's Bandcamp page, link below.

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