Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Single: Daithí / Tell No Foxx Remix - 'Dust'

Info: What happens when you literally mix the creative talents of a dance musician with that of an ever-evolving electro-rock band? Magic happens, thus it is with acclaimed artist Daithí's remix and single of Wicklow band Tell No Foxx's latest track 'Dust'. When I heard a snippet preview of it at the weekend I was taken right in, slick grooves and atmospheric faded vocals provide the pallet for Daithí's beats and electro workings. It certainly conjures black and white images of dance-floors and slow motion dancing before picking up nicely for the final third when proper swing kicks in, delightful stuff, here's Daithí describing his modus operandi on the track;

"I guess when I came across the original song the first thing that hit me was the vocal melody, it has a really strong rhythmic aspect to it, which I could really see sounding good with a house beat. I like house music with a lot of feeling in it, so I wanted to make the track feel kind of melancholy, but with a lot of energy. I wanted it to sound like dancing through the pain of a break up, in a dark room full of people. It's one of those tracks that just fall into place really naturally, I had the first cut of the track done in one day at my studio in Galway, with all the lights off." 

Et voilà. 

To check out more of Daithí's original work and some other great remixes requested by the likes of Fight Like Apes and Tvvins, head along to his SoundCloud page here https://soundcloud.com/daithimusic

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