Monday, 1 June 2015

New Track: Lilla Vargen - Don't Forget Me

Lilla Vargen Don't Forget Me

Lilla Vargen, 'Don't Forget Me'

Info: Belfast singer Lilla Vargen's incredibly powerful voice is showcased beautifully once again on her live cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song, 'Don't Forget Me' from their 2002 album, By The Way. No offence to RHCP and Kiedis but I'd much rather listen to this version! It's been four months since Vargen shared her first outing with the world, the moving and sad 'This Is Love' which is well worth sharing once again (below). Generally speaking to take a piano and vocal performance above the norm the voice needs to be special and have a distinct impact on the listener and she seems to have this gift in spades based on these two tracks, just don't make us wait four months for the next one! Vargen is also playing her first live show in intimate settings on the 6th of June in her hometown of Belfast.

Lilla Vargen, 'This Is Love'

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