Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Single: The Danes - Room Full Of Liars

The Danes Room Full Of Liars

The Danes, 'Room Full Of Liars'

Info: The Danes are coming across as a band who are so assured in what they are doing that they're able to move from simplicity to intricacy with nonchalant ease. The L.A. band have just released the next single from their forthcoming E.P. and they've managed to cover themselves in glory on 'Room Full Of Liars'. 

Where to start with this one, I suppose the beginning, the Spanish guitar sounds at the intro which also drift in and out during the song has a Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen sound and accompanied by the gentle plink of the piano pave the way for singer Dana Hobson's soft vocals. This gentle breeze turns quickly into a raucous and thoroughly energising gale, Hobson swiftly announcing a change of tone by proclaiming 'I want to see you fuckers run!'. The lullaby resumes before gaining traction again at the chorus and the stop start strumming adds fuel to the fire, the breakdowns and anthemic chorus lines pulling you back and forth manically. 

I really liked previous single 'The Ultimate Tool' (below if you missed it before) but I'm very taken by 'Room Full Of Liars' and it's definitely one of the most energetic and uplifting track I've heard so far this year, a song you'll like on first listen without a doubt. Like the title of The Hives album a few years ago, The Danes could be your new favourite band.

The Danes, 'The Ultimate Tool'

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The Danes Room Full Of Liars

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