Thursday, 18 June 2015

Single: Parallels - Civilisation

Parallels Civilisation

Parallels - 'Civilisation'

Info: Canadian trio Parallels have released their new single 'Civilisation' as they currently work on their third album due for release later this year. When I reviewed their previous single 'Age of Consent' back at the start of April I commented on how addictive Parallels' brand of electro-pop was and that hasn't changed a bit with 'Civilisation', which nods more back to 80's pop than the more contemporary sounds on the last single, early to mid-80's Madonna vocals from Holly Dodson and a little bit of Lykke Li here an there รก la 'I'm Good, I'm Gone'. Musically it's also a thumping dance-floor track bursting with vitality and zeal, acts like Parallels certainly give pop music some badly needed credibility and you know, the lyrics are pretty good too.

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