Sunday, 28 June 2015

Single: Why We Run - Ignites

Why We Run Ignites

Why We Run, 'Ignites'

Info: Sydney indie band Why We Run release their second single, 'Ignites', following February's 'Comfortable Lie' which also featured here at the start of the year. The new single contrasts sharply in many ways from its predecessor, starting with an operatic burst reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins' intro to 'Tonight, Tonight'. The basic music undercurrent also had a bit of a feel of one of Bruce Springsteen's ballsy blue-collar story numbers, but added to that are the isolated off-beat drumming which adds character to the song. 

The nice interplay between acoustic and electric guitar and ascending vocal range (that I didn't realise I liked so much on 'Comfortable Lie') all combine strongly. 'Ignites' only took me two listens to get into and succumb to that catchy pop chorus, Why We Run have the knack at keeping things direct but adding sufficient brush-strokes to give them something that stands apart from the standard.

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