Sunday, 28 June 2015

Track: Here To Help You Out - Damn You, Sunshine

Here To Help You Out Damn You Sunshine

Here To Help You Out, 'Damn You, Sunshine'

Info: Dublin 5-piece Here To Help You Out have recorded a new version of a track from their debut E.P., 'Damn You, Sunshine', which was originally recorded as a minimalist acoustic song, getting the rework treatment here with the full band. Any of the music I've heard from the band over the last year or so has an over-riding feeling of happiness and that sense never fails to transport itself to the listener. 'Damn You, Sunshine' encapsulates it perfectly as well, despite the track title being an admonishment of good weather, it has all of the hallmarks of a summer song, it sounds like a stripped down version of a Belle & Sebastian song from a live session, and keeps the HTHYO ship firmly on course following the release of the beautiful 'Stillness' in March. It's fair to say that nobody really sounds like these guys at the moment and they've definitely moulded a unique sound from a variety of genres such as alt-folk, rock and jangle-pop.

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