Saturday, 4 July 2015

E.P.: Cut Once - Cut Once

Cut Once EP

Cut Once, 'Institution'

Info: Dublin duo Cut Once, who are Michael Heffernan and Aisling Browne, released their 5-track debut self-titled E.P. in March of this year, loosely circling electronica but with strong varieties of different pop styles characterising each individual track. 'After meeting in Dublin's Temple Lane Studios where Michael is Head Engineer, the two had worked on various projects together. During these sessions the pair soon realised that their interest, taste and overall vision were almost identical so they decided to join forces. With no intent on a chosen genre or direction, “Cut Once” went aimlessly in to the recording studio and blindly recorded what then became the foundation of their sound.......'

It's funny the difference one track can make, by recording five songs on their debut EP Cut Once edge you a little bit closer to imagining what a full album might hold in store. I could be wrong because I've no way of knowing for sure but it sounds as though the pair are very confident in what they have done here, it feels as though there was no procrastinating over how things would fit together and they went with it, and it's worked well.

Cut Once

Opener 'Institution' (above video), musically feels grimey, vocals dipping between a Florence and Chrissie Hynde hybrid, it's a call to arms and a capsule of the duo's energy which exudes a focus on bringing the listener into what the Cut Once vibe is all about. My own particular favourite on the EP was 'Colour Blue', I might be the only one who thinks this but there's a small country feel to the song, particularly at the intro, Dusty does pop, an example of the diversity to be found among the five tracks, Browne's vocals sound natural and uninfluenced, unfortunately too many singers are tinged by references to other artists which are all too obvious, here it's not the case, unless she is a massive Dusty fan! 

Cut Once, 'Colour Blue'

'Forget About The World' is a nice soulful R n' B pop track which once again showcases the singers vocals before we close off with the dance sounds on 'Coat Of Armour', I immediately thought of Madonna's Ray of Light album and a slowed-down version of it's title-tack, funnily enough Madge's moniker features in the lyrics. Cut Once's E.P. is different, the tracks are all different from each other, and it works, both Heffernan and Browne have left everything at the door and gone au natural, and it's quite refreshing.

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