Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Track: King Fantastic - Wet Hot American Summer

King Fantastic

King Fantastic, 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Info: "When they used to ask us to describe our sound, I always said, "WestCoastSynthesizerBeachBumGangsterMusic." Our latest and greatest is the personification of that original sound." Hard to disagree with that, at some point between 10 and 11 seconds into L.A. duo King Fantastic's first track since 2014, 'Wet Hot American Summer', the instantly recognisable sounds of 2011's Finger Snaps & Gun Claps are back. That was the KF album I discovered by complete accident online a few years ago and it was the best rap album I'd heard in years, god bless the internet!

What sounds like the description of the perfect summer day (we can only imagine as another shite summer rolls by in Ireland), it gets the all-out Troublemaker and Killer Reese treatment, positively saccharine dollops of rich beats, layered synths and an overall message of chill and enjoy life's naturally made pleasures! 'Wet Hot American Summer' is an interesting and unexpected release in more ways than one, after the markedly different 2014 album The Great Man Theory are King Fantastic working on FS & GC mark II, or is it just a brief interlude before the next departure? We'll see, in the meantime here's one of my favourite tracks from Finger Snaps & Gun Claps...

King Fantastic, 'All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song)

Get 'Wet Hot American Summer' here

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