Saturday, 18 July 2015

Track: Silverbacks - The Pink Tide

Silverbacks The Pink Tide
Artwork: Cam Taylor

Silverbacks, 'The Pink Tide'

Info: I'll admit that when Silverbacks release a new track I get that little endorphine rush that modern day psychologist quacks describe when someone likes your Bookface post or Instavine photo. The latest offering 'The Pink Tide' continues the trend with the Dublin band, familiar across at least three different decades and contemporary at the same time, Television, Talking Heads, Pavement and American Analog Set traverse vocals and music in unequal yet working measures. Specifically love the electric guitar and chorus on this song, the solo at 2:30 is like an arrow being shot into Silverbacks future selves, perhaps. Great stuff as always. Here's a recentie oldie I'm quite impartial to while we're here, and if this is your first Silverbacks sampling...

Silverbacks, 'Fad 1995'

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