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E.P.: Mr Huw - Du Llun

Mr Huw Du Llun

Mr Huw - Du Llun E.P.

Info: Mr.Huw has a fascinating back story which goes as follows; 'formed in 2005 after Huw met himself when parallel universes collided whilst taking bottles to be recycled in the co-op car park in Porthmadog. When parallel Huw told Huw, "you must make the world a better place, and do it through the medium of song."'

The Welsh indie-pop artist has certainly achieved this goal on new E.P. Du Llun (Black Photo). It's impossible to resist the pop-rock offensive over the recordings 5 tracks which are made seem so easy by Mr.Huw, as if he picked up a guitar and thought to himself, 'I think I'll just write a very addictive set of songs right now'. From the Sonic Youth-type opening chugging guitar intro on 'Calonau Ni I Gyd' (Hearts Us All)* to the locomotive rhythm of the song and pop vocals, your attention is immediate and you are already seeking more before the track ends. 

Third track 'Hoel Dannedd' (Nail Teeth) follows a Pixies-esque model and it's slightly heavier riffs and bass stay on loop in your head long after you've stopped listening to it, another slice of pop-rock joy. 'Caeth I Ryddid' (Captive to Freedom) is a strange mix of 50's rock, late 60's garage-rock and the type of chorus you'd expect from Swedish outfit The Hives. 'Mewn Prydferthwch' (In Beauty) closes the E.P. off very nicely, a slightly more withdrawn track in comparison to it's predecessors but sticks to the winning formula of rolling looped bass-lines and has some very nice vocal harmonies. It's rare to get a five-track E.P. where every single song is competing with each other in the eyes (or ears) of the listener, Du Llun is instantly likeable and enjoyable and Mr.Huw certainly knows how to pepper his music with delightful hooks for us to enjoy. 

Mr Huw Du Llun Wales

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