Thursday, 27 August 2015

Single: Kisses - Control

Kisses Control Rest In Paradise Los Angeles

Kisses, 'Control'

Info: The latest single from Los Angeles pair Kisses' (Jesse Kivel & Zinzi Edmundson) forthcoming third album Rest in Paradise certainly focuses the attention on how the new LP might unfold following the release of last month's disco-funky 'A Groove'. While 'Control' is a bit more laid back and chilled it hangs on to the previous tracks ability to make you want to move your feet. Kisses have cited a wide-ranging group of influences from Wings to Rick James and Talking Heads, and the latter are certainly a reference here, but moreso in terms of their predecessors, the immense Tom Tom Club. This is one to shake your hips, clap your hands and shuffle yo' feet to fo sho!

While we set out to make a 'live' sounding record, "Control" is definitely the closest song on the record to marrying our new sound with our old, drum machine and synthetic sound. With help from both Andrew Maury and Jeff Brodsky in their own midi and electronic universes, we were able to bring an electronic element to this record, that felt natural with the live playing of the guys in Midnight Magic.
While the groove of this song may be New York, the lyrics allude to the west and east sides of Los Angeles, a drive, that each year becomes more treacherous then the next. 

Rest in Paradise will be released on the 9th of October.

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