Sunday, 30 August 2015

Single: My Fellow Sponges - Air

My Fellow Sponges Air Galway Music
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My Fellow Sponges, 'Air'

Info: Galway band My Fellow Sponges have released their latest single, 'Air', a lovely trip-hop song that evokes elements of Portishead's Dummy, lo-fi end Massive Attack and Moby's 'God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters'. Without getting too serious, the band describe the effect their music can have; 'Come with the Sponges as they take you on a bright and colourful journey, with music that will have you falling over with laughter, floating on waves of sadness, and climbing trees of elation. Their trickster melodies will ensnare you like an old crone merrily luring children into a gingerbread house. Whispers in the forest warn that, once you see a live gig by the Sponges, your life will never be the same.' 

Although mostly a simple 'camera from the car' video, I though it worked very nicely with the track and the interspersed effects added to the ambience of the escapist and groovy sound that My Fellow Sponges bring to the table. The track's slowly rising tempo, impending drums and Anna Mullarky's soothing vocals, coupled with a deliberate but intermittent restrained bass-line, all combine to great effect on 'Air' and it's great to see an Irish act dip their toe in this genre. 'Air' is by no means a narrow reflection of the overall sound of My Fellow Sponges however, see below the theatrical and equally enjoyable 'This Dream Song' below, and is that Richard Dawkins blowing in candles (yes, you read right) at 1:15?

My Fellow Sponges, 'This Dream Song'

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My Fellow Sponges Air Galway Music