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Video: Kingdom Of Crows - Beauty Is The Witch

Kingdom Of Crows - Beauty Is The Witch

Kingdom Of Crows, 'Beauty Is The Witch'

Info: Kingdom Of Crows started out in Dublin as a one-man acoustic operation back in 2011, when Stephen Kelly headed into the studio in 2012 to start recording his material, he was joined by two session musicians which carried over into live shows as a three-piece. With the live performances receiving a consistently positive reaction, Kelly felt compelled to get working on a first album without delay. A further metamorphosis was to occur with the original trio now being joined by vocalist/lyricist Lucy Earley, bassist Robert Stanley and drummer Ken McGrath. 'Beauty Is The Witch' (above) is the 5th single to be released by the band from their forthcoming album, The Truth Is The Trip, which will be released at some point over the next month or so. 

The first thing I liked about 'Beauty Is The Witch' was the utilitarian hair-rock sounds of the intro guitar, starting out at Deep Purple / Blue Öyster Cult and moving along the timelines to Queens of the Stone Age's track which shares the 'Witch' of the songs title and finale scene. The song, video and vocals from Earley nicely strike a perfect balance between creating dark and sinister moods whilst clearly reminding you that you shouldn't take it too seriously, we're only here to burn a witch after all! The video, as you may have noticed recreates 1970's cult horror classics and was produced by Bad Apple Films. The package presented here between the video and track is very enjoyable but it's worth noting that Kingdom of Crows have many more strings to their bow, as mentioned previously this is only one of five singles released from the new album to date. Other tracks, including the beautiful video and song 'Dreamless Sleep' (below) are a redux of the above focusing more on acoustic and alternative folk styles, First Aid Kit's recent Stay Gold album springing to mind. Check em out!

Kingdom Of Crows. 'Dreamless Sleep'

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