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EP - Streek - Disjointed Exerts

Streek Disjointed Excerpts

Streek - The Ever Changing Life

Info: Streek is the performance name of Dubliner Barry Streek, a one man band who makes his music at home, the fruits of which are his debut E.P., Disjointed Exerts. After moving around between bands over the years, and at one point headlining the IMRO Anniversary show in Vicar Street. After a brief hiatus Streek began work on producing and recording his own music, including playing all of the instruments on the new E.P..

Disjointed Exerts is an interesting proposition, there are times when you feel it may have over-extended itself, but that minor fussiness is more than washed away by the overall charm you feel by its end. Second track 'Nothing Is All' has a really nice shoe-gaze feel to it and a riff that is reminiscent of Gary Numan & Tubeway Army's 'You Are In My Vision. 'In The Dark' is quintessential late 90's Irish indie, simple yet enjoyable chugging bass and guitar are both mood-creating and again dip into shoe-gaze territory. 

Barry Streek Dublin Disjointed Excerpts

'Reminisce' is a sweet track, soft and endearing folk that hints at Elliott Smith, the limited usage of vocals on this one bring the music to the fore and as the track develops it's easy to get lost in the rhythmic guitar plucking. 'The Everchanging Life' (above) stands out on the E.P. for more than one reason, there's a lot more going on when compared to the other songs, but it definitely sounds like the closest thing to a single, there's also a curious mix of Chemical Brothers percussion mixed with late 60's psych on the guitar. I have to admire Barry Streek for creating this collection within limitations, I think a fine job has been done and there's more than enough proof presented that better is to come.

Streek - Reminisce

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