Monday, 26 October 2015

Single: Oyster Kids - Creepy

Oyster Kids Creepy Single

Info: Los Angeles duo Oyster Kids released their debut single 'Creepy' on the 6th of October, and today sees the official unveiling of the video to go with the track from the dark, indie pop pair. 

This is a video I've been looking forward to sharing since I first got to have a look at it at the start of the month. It's always nice to get a track and video that are both very enjoyable and work so well together. The video, directed by Kamell Allaway, sees two distressingly ghoulish teens (like something out of Spielberg's AI) preparing for a date night together with two mummified minders present to ensure hands are visible at all times. 

The contrived romance is highlighted as both minders abandon their assumed roles and get freaky with each other. 'Creepy' is, needless to say, a more than appropriate track title, the song itself is a highly gratifying slice of indie pop, it's almost nonchalant musically, which matches the personas of the characters in the video, which brings me back to the good old days when music videos added a significant layer to the overall package of singles, one of my favourite of 2015.

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