Sunday, 18 October 2015

Single: Son of the Hound - Pilgrim

Son of the Hound Pilgrim

Son of the Hound - Pilgrim

Info: Son of the Hound derives his name from Mac CĂș Ulaidh (Son of the Hound of Ulster), the surname of alternative folk and bluegrass musician Mick McCullagh, and the music certainly has tribal elements to it. 'Pilgrim' (above) is the first single from the Omagh songwriter whose sound has been compared to The Pogues, Josh Ritter and The Decembrists.

As the song title suggests, 'Pilgrim' is thematically steeped in the Wild West spaghetti western traditions you'd associate with a Sergio Leone soundtrack. 'I'm a pilgrim, I walk this lonely road, before my body turns to dust, and the dirt takes my bones, and as long as my heart beats in my chest, I will go where it takes me before I'm laid to rest' McCullagh sings, encapsulating the lonely wanderer striving toward destinations unknown. 

Musically the track is very appealing, from the dark drum beat at the beginning to the uplifting and melodic western whistling, and the brushed rhythm of the snare. At times it reminds me of The Dubliners both vocally and with regards to the story-telling side of the lyrics. 'Pilgrim' is a really strong debut outing from Son of the Hound which presents us with both talented song-writing and lyrical ability, not to mention a great video courtesy of Redcap Productions which adds a light-hearted feel to the struggling protagonists travails.

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