Sunday, 8 November 2015

EP: Orlando Deer - Flights of Whimsy

Orlando Deer Flights of Whimsy

Orlando Deer - From the Mind of a Scarecrow

Info: 20 year-old Orlando Deer hails from Toronto, Canada, but currently resides in the southern coastal down of Bournemouth in England. His debut E.P., Flights of Whimsy was released on the 18th of October and hge describes his sound as a mix of lo-fi, folk, electronic and classical music (or as his friends prefer to call it, upbeat bubble bath music).  

Flights of Whimsy is a short and sweet collection of four tracks, with opener 'From the Mind of a Scarecrow' (above) clocking up just under the same length of time as the remaining three tracks put together. The first track floats along warmly with it's unusual mix of carnival sounds and like a retro computer game soundtrack played backwards, it's weird, strange and difficult to avoid cracking a smile for its duration.

At 1:28 'Little John' invokes a medieval court, appropriating its title from the Robin Hood friar may be more than just a coincidence! Again 'Dolphin Under My Man's Chin' ('The title was inspired by a great friend of mine, who has got a mole on his chin, and it resembled a dolphin to me.') sounds like an oddity of the funfair and one of those wind-up music boxes you'd associate with such a venue. The E.P. closes with 'Doll of the Falls', the bubble sound effect taking you down the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory, to wrap up a brief but pleasurable experience that is still leaving me bemused and scratching my head!

Orlando Deer - Dolphin Under My Man's Chin

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