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E.P.: Saramai - Red Moon

Saramai - Fall A While

Info: Saramai is a singer-songwriter from Navan, Co.Meath who releases her debut EP, Red Moon, this Friday, 20th of November. She has previously opened for Irish music luminaries such as Duke Special, Jack L, Fionn Regan and Declan O'Rourke. Regarding the recording of the four-track release Saramai explains; 'Guinness Amplify gifted me studio time and I recorded in Attica with Tommy Mc Laughlin (SOAK, Villagers) I recorded all the tracks live (all from one take) on a beautiful baby grand piano and on the last track I used an old battered upright. You can hear the hammers working. The aim was to keep it honest and raw.' 

As opening tracks go 'Fall A While' kind of took my breath away a little, and the more I listen to it that becomes a lot, the gentle opening piano bars soon become accompanied by the singers calming and sweet voice, and as the track goes on I start to get the stark emotions inside. 'Butterfly Waltz' is like Kate Bush without the crazy and a small dash of Sinead O'Connor's ardor, the melodies coming from the piano roll purposefully and at times I feel like there's a hint of classical Chopin which fits nicely with the songs title. 

Saramai Singer Music Navan Red Moon

The E.P.'s title-track bursts with theatre from it's Nina Simone intro รก la 'Sinnerman' to the aforementioned hammers going at full pelt, there's an energising flare dancing and expanding as the track progresses. The lack of fanfare and sense that you are just listening to music, plain and simple, continues on the final track, 'Return Again Soon', Saramai gives a throwaway hint of country vocals towards the tracks conclusion, another endearing feature of the highly gifted vocalist. Red Moon is a debut showcase that spoils the listener rotten, the fact that it was recorded live and in just the one take just adds to how impressive it is. Add to that that 'Fall A While' is one of the most moving Irish tracks I've heard this year and probably in longer, and I know I absolutely have to see this artist live, and soon.

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Upcoming tour dates:

20th November Launch Gig The Lantern Navan, Meath
27th November The CO Club, Creans, Old Castle
13th December Music @ Tivoli, House Concert - Rathgar, Dublin
22nd January Clubeo, Crolly, Donegal

29th January Aces and Eights, Tufnell Park, London

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