Saturday, 21 November 2015

Track: Here To Help You Out - Runway Lights

Here To Help You Out Runway Lights

Here To Help You Out - Runway Lights

Info: Dublin indie folk five-piece Here To Help You Out have recorded a new track, 'Runway Lights' in advance of their headline show in The Bello Bar on the 4th of December. The band grew out of an informal project between singer Louise O’Hanlon and guitarist Shane O’Neill. Encouraged by early writing and recording sessions, the pair set about recruiting a band for live gigs. Friends Ronan Parker (bass), Donal O'Sullivan (drums) and Paul Higgins (guitar) joined the fold, with some other friends helping out along the way. It was instantly apparent that they each brought their own imagination, personality and style to the music, giving it a whole new level of depth.

Having covered a number of HTHYO's tracks over the past year and a bit it's always interesting to hear their new offerings as while they maintain their over-arching melodic and gentle sound they always seem to point notably in different directions rather than re-hashing. 'Runway Lights' is so laid-back you completely drift off into the XX type harmonies between the always easy on the ear O'Hanlon and O'Sullivan and slow-paced bass lines courtesy of Ronan Parker. Whether consciously or subconciously, the tweaking and development of their sound over the last year has shown that Here To Help You Out are taking another step in the right direction with each release.

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