Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Single: Ivy Nations - You Are The Centre Of Me

Ivy Nations You Are the Centre of Me

 Ivy Nations - You Are The Centre Of Me

Info: Dublin indie rock four-piece Ivy Nations released their second single yesterday, 'You Are The Centre Of Me', the follow up to September's debut, 'The Mile Road'. In contrast to the debut, the band put more va-va-voom into their electronic leanings, whilst maintaining their base of guitars and drums.

Well what happens here is very simple in terms of feelings, the brief drum solo opening and quickly arriving funky bass-line have you in their honey-trap straight away. Essentially this is a guitar-based disco-funk-dance tune, and it is desperately easy to get into the groove with little or no effort. Ivy Nations hit on the anthemic 80's chorus without erring on the side of cheesiness, in addition there's a lovely breakdown at the beginning of the final minute. The vocals and effects create a briefly dark room for the music to reside in, before they power home to the finale just how they started. If you could be crass and hand out templates to bands who are starting out in the same genre as these guys, this would be the track to sit them down to, it's delicious, and I like the way it's not over-produced which lends it a charming sincerity at the same time. What a nice treat before 2015 waves us goodbye.

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