Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Video: Robocobra Quartet - '80 - '88 (Live)

Robocobra Quartet Chris Ryan

Robocobra Quartet - '80 - '88 (Live)

Info: Recorded last month in the Black Box, Belfast at the release show for their lathe-cut 7" single 'Iwazaru / Mizaru' on Smalltown America Records (which is now sold out), comes Belfast alt-jazz band Robocobra Quartet's performance of their track, '80-'88, from their BOMBER EP which was released earlier this year.

It's a certain type of joy when a band whose music you really enjoy ends up being multiplied by immeasurable amounts live, such was the case when I saw Robocobra Quartet in the small, dark venue of The Bello Bar last month. I had looked forward to the night with anticipation, knowing that you have to catch acts that aren't resident in your home city when you can, because it might be a while before the opportunity arises again, but mostly because I've loved every release they've had over the last 12 months. 

Everything is intricate and ridiculously rewarding with their music, I would hesitate a great deal to miss these guys on the same night as one of my favourite established international acts if the unlucky happenstance arose, more than likely opting to go and see the Belfast group when it came down to it. There are a further selection of videos from this series which I will post in time, but for now this is a perfect snapshot of what I witnessed recently from a band that I consider to be the best in Belfast and Northern Ireland at present.

Robocobra Quartet - Witch Hunt, The Bello Bar, Dublin, 13th Nov, 2015.

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