Saturday, 16 January 2016

Gavin & Remy's 2015 Film Review

Remy Connolly Gavin FitzGerald 2015 Film Review

Info: Gavin and I return for the 3rd annual Remy's Music & Film Blog Film Review, again, not the 10 best films we saw in 2015 (although there is some crossover) but more a selection of 5 films each that we really enjoyed but may have flown slightly under the radar, which the two of us recommend checking out. We've both had a very busy year in 2015 with Gavin spending several long periods in Los Angeles shooting the Notorious MMA series on behalf of RTÉ, whilst I myself have spent a lot more time focusing on the music side of things as the site gets busier year on year, as well as joining The Sound Feed team and actively attending far more live shows. 

As a result film suffered on the blog and it's something I want to redress the balance of in 2016. Hopefully our recommendation video will make up for that a bit, and we've also included a shorter bonus video of extra recommendations below, so do bookmark this page and revisit when you're at a loose end for some entertainment, we hope you find something you enjoy. Finally, a huge thanks to Gavin for editing the videos, Sibéal for filming us, and Anna for being the best gopher either of us have ever worked with!

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