Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Track: Retro Burn - Stars Like Christmas Lights

Retro Burn Stars Like Christmas Lights

Retro Burn - Stars Like Christmas Lights

Info: When two solo acts and label mates who featured separately on your Best Independent International Music list let you know they've done a collaboration there's only one way you're going to react, oh joy! Thus it is with Minnesota duo The Midwestern Bass Machine and Freudia, together known as Retro Burn, both of whom's 2015 albums, Don't Want To Live Here and Spirit Bear blew me away last year (links below). Explaining what's happening between the two they tell us; 'Retro Burn is a collaborative project between Nicholas Williams of Freudia and Brock Splawski of the Midwestern Bass Machine. The project focuses on the chopping, screwing, and distorting of layers of samples, in order to find a new approach to the original recording. The project’s first release, Follow The Light, The Light Is Your Guide, will be released on March 11.'

'Stars Like Christmas Lights' is the perfect opening salvo for the forthcoming album Follow The Light, The Light Is Your Guide, as with both artists, all encompassing futuristic sonic soundscapes envelope you as the track meanders and effects come to the fore and fade away just as quickly. It really does create the vision of a sci-fi movie where a spherical metallic ball buzzes forwards in front of you and comes back again, essentially, guiding you, perhaps like the light in the albums title suggests. Nothing is really given away here, you're not sure what to expect other than that it's going to be a very escapist trip when the full release comes out and I really, really can't wait for it.



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