Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Video: Perhapsy - All My Soul Swallowed

Perhapsy - All My Soul Swallowed

Info: Last week I reviewed the wonderful first single 'All My Soul Swallowed' from Oakland, California act Perhapsy, aka Derek Barber's upcoming second album Me Tie Dough-ty Walker which is due March 3rd. Today he has released the video to accompany the track which is directed by Madeline Kenny, it's Perhapsy's first ever video and was shot in Joaquin Miller Park in his home city.

What Remy said: ''All My Soul Swallowed' was like a 90's trans-Atlantic indie cocktail of bands like The Strokes and Sterephonics in terms of the guitar. As his vocals make their way into the song it takes on a more shoe-gaze hue, the first one that struck me was one of his admitted influences of Sonic Youth, but also Oxford band Ride with a bit more oomph.' 

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