Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Video: Trick Mist - Gap Series No.4, 'Another's Tale'

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP Gap Series Gavin Murray Another Tale

Trick Mist - Another's Tale

Info: The fourth video from Trick Mist's Gap Series from his Jars in Rows E.P. has been relesed, with this latest installment coming courtesy of animator Freddie Leyden. The video, with its whopping 14GB file size, is an incredibly detailed affair and is equally frantic, trippy and unnerving. 

The excellent Jars in Rows E.P. which featured in my Top 10 Irish E.P.'s for 2015 comes courtesy of Dundalk native residing in Manchester, Gavin Murray who provides the background to the latest track to feature in the series; ''Another's Tale' is about acceptance. It was written after my old dog died! Acceptance is something that is very much drawn from the real world. The song draws from the mystical and the other worldly in order to explore this very real thing. As a story it hopes to be highly visual and emotive much like a fairytale would captivate a child.'

You can download or stream the Jars in Rows E.P. on Trick Mist's Bandcamp page here or on Spotify and iTunes at the following links;

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP

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