Sunday, 10 January 2016

Video: Trick Mist - Gap Series Video No.3 - Jars in Rows EP

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP Gap Series Gavin Murray

Trick Mist - 'Your Brass Angel'

Info: The third video from Trick Mist's Gap Series from his Jars in Rows E.P. has been released, created by video artist, director, editor Graham Patterson. You might know the video for T.P.M ' All The Boys On The Dole' he did. This video for 'Your Brass Angel' is a totally buzz taking inspiration from Beckett's 'Not I'. Patterson explains; 'I imagined multiple mouths representing all these various voices and opinions. When you see that they are in fact the same mouth, it reveals the commonalities that each voice holds.'

The excellent Jars in Rows E.P. which featured in my Top 10 Irish E.P.'s for 2015 comes courtesy of Dundalk native residing in Manchester, Gavin Murray, on the track itself Murray shares the inspiration behind the song; ''Your Brass Angel' is a song which explores value systems. In 2015 varying codes of conscience were floating aroung the place with the general election in the UK and the marriage equality referendum in Ireland. Although the song acknowledges a certain 'us' and 'them' division and resides within an assured angry perspective, it ultimately strives to question whether disparate values share common ground.'

You can download or stream the Jars in Rows E.P. on Trick Mist's Bandcamp page here or on Spotify and iTunes at the following links;

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP

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