Tuesday, 9 February 2016

EP: Bordeaux - Bordeaux

Bordeaux - Bordeaux EP

Bordeaux - Sail Tomorrow

Info: Mainly hailing from Cork, but currently scattered between the city, Limerick and Dublin, comes alternative indie / folk four-piece Bordeaux, who released their debut self-titled E.P. at the end of last month. 

I fell in love with the opening track on the E.P., 'Eyes of Another', the word charm doesn't begin to describe it, transfixing is probably a better term. Initially I thought I liked the way it felt like it was recorded in a bedroom with very little equipment, perhaps it was. It reminded me of how all music really starts out, when songs are first brought to life in simple surroundings before they grow, but with 'Eyes of Another' I didn't want it to grow, it was in its own way perfect as it was, the harmonies then took things to another level and I was totally smitten.

'Rain Pours Down' is even more rustic, totally bare, a hint of Finley Quaye meets Alt-J vocally, leading to third track, 'Go Easy (Headful of Blues)', at this point I'm really not sure what type of experience I'm having with Bordeaux, I'm not puzzled or confused, something near it, but I do know I'm really, really enjoying myself, is this borderline genius song-writing? Again I imagine how production might work on the tracks here, but I strongly feel that it could possibly ruin my enjoyment also.

Bordeaux - Eyes of Another

Everything reaches peak-enjoyment on the fourth track 'Sail Tomorrow' (top), the stand out number on the E.P. for me, recent addition to the band Collum Sheehan takes over vocal duties from Seán Whelan here and his baritone voice echoes Richard Hawley and Leonard Cohen. The atmosphere created by the music and his sombre voice is powerful, it's the type of song that stops you from doing anything, moving, thinking, all you can do is listen and no concentration is required. Closing with another acoustic song, 'Passing You By', Bordeaux end as they began, with a warm and well-written classical folk piece. 

Yeah yeah, maybe some production wouldn't go amiss, and I would like to hear all 5 again after going through a studio, but only out of interest, nothing more, I like Bordeaux's debut E.P. just as it is, in fact, I completely love it, and I'm really happy I got to hear them as they've been created, otherwise I would have missed out. 

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