Monday, 15 February 2016

Single: MNNQNS - Come To Your Senses

MNNQNS - Come To Your Senses

Info: Rouen post-punk indie rockers MNNQNS today released their latest single and video, 'Come To Your Senses', the first of a series from their forthcoming E.P., the song itself, is quite simply, about cheap beer according to the band, everybody loves cheap beer! 

Last year I reviewed MNNQNS (then Mannequins) album Worthless and absolutely loved it, the mix of dark grungy rock and light shoegaze worked a treat for me. 'Come To Your Senses' certainly fits in the lighter shade, call to action vocals and guitars and drums that go from pop tones to the darker edges briefly towards the tracks final third. Like many of the songs on Worthless it's instantly catchy and enjoyable and MNNQNS seem to be now embracing a more humorous side to their song-writing, c'est magnifique!

MNNQNS - Red Corvette (from 'Worthless')

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