Thursday, 18 February 2016

Single: Perhapsy - Morning Star

Perhapsy - Morning Star

Info: 'Morning Star' is the latest single from the soon to be released debut album, Me Tie Dough-ty Walker from Oakland artist Perhapsy (aka Derek Barber) which is due out March 3rd (and will be reviewed here). Clock-ticks and muted, percussive guitars begin a steady stream of major-7th arpeggiations before Barber's spiderweb-like vocals enter the song. An atypical kick drum/snare pattern propels the tune which develops layer by increasingly complex layer. Slightly post-rock elements meet a Flaming Lips-esque bassline groove, all accentuated by the lyric, "Next, is all there is..."

In the review for the previous single, the spacey and wondrous 'All My Soul Swallowed' I compared Perhapsy's sound to Sonic Youth and Ride, but on 'Morning Star' there's a bit of Mercury Rev going on. Aside from reference points, I really think Barber's music can stand proudly on it's own, there's a really interesting mix of deep-down shoe-gaze moments with a trundling and prominent bass which is unusual, but complimentary. 'Morning Star' is a joyous single and the excitement I hold for sharing my thoughts on Me Tie Dough-ty Walker grows, in case you missed it, here's the first single also...

Perhapsy - All My Soul Swallowed

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