Thursday, 25 February 2016

Single: Slow Skies - Winter Night

Slow Skies - Winter Night

Info: Dublin singer / songwriter Karen Sheridan has just released her latest single, 'Winter Night', as Slow Skies, she is currently based in London where she has been collaborating with producer Conal Herron who she met whilst studying music in her adopted city. The track was recorded by Ber Quinn (Villagers, John Grant, Duke Special), and features piano from Patrick O'Laoghaire (I Have a Tribe), 'Winter Night' serves as the perfect accompaniment to these cold February mornings.

Sheridan explains; "'Winter Night' is about trying to capture a place in time or feeling you once had and wanting to hold on to it, not wanting to move on from it. It's that feeling you have where you wish you could go back in time and just be in that moment or feeling again. It comes from a place of longing".

It's not often you come across a track where the music feels completely secondary to the message the artist wants to convey. The music is so restrained that it's beauty is enhanced as a result, both piano and strings are deft and almost softly serenading the lyrics rather than vice versa. It's hard not to picture Slow Skies cupping her hands and gazing downwards at the words and message of 'Winter Night' in a nonchalant but heartfelt monologue, and there lies its greatest appeal. 

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