Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Video: Trick Mist - Gap Series No.5, Cracking Settlement

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP Gap Series Gavin Murray

Trick Mist - Crackling Settlement

Info: The final installment of electronic artist Trick Mist's Gap Series has arrived, and it's a happy / sad moment, I've been very proud to have such innovative songs and videos featured here on the blog from Dundalk man Gavin Murray's Jars in Rows EP over the past couple of months. As mentioned previously it was one of my Top 10 Irish EP's on the blog in 2015 and had it's premiere stream here also. Murray's music and accompanying videos have featured widely on Irish sites such as Broadsheet.ie, State.ie, Headstuff.org, in the U.K. where he resides on The Sound of Confusion and even reached as far as Sweden. Nothing but well deserved plaudits have been received, and like a dark fantasy landscape, Trick Mist has sculpted something that will have an awful lot of people very eager to see what he comes up with next, all in good time.

In my initial review of the Jars of Rows EP I had described 'Cracking Settlement as; 'One of the highlights on the E.P. is 'Cracking Settlement', it's an enchanting piece of music where we find Trick Mist embracing the traditional Irish music sounds he has scattered across the tracks, conjuring an old world mystical soundscape.' 

In an interview with Remy's Music & Film Trick Mist gave an in depth description of what moved him to create a track with the long-maligned tin whistle, something which added immensely to the atmosphere of the song; '...Being part of that generation that left, you begin to realise and cling onto your Irishness more I think. So I guess I have become more naturally drawn to traditional Irish music’s charge in recent years. Trying to use it in a different context and push it around a bit was something that made sense to me as someone who doesn't have a deep knowledge of trad. It’s the first music I ever played but I moved onto drums really quickly and it fell by the wayside. I learned tin whistle and then bodhrán when I was 8 so it was nice to revisit it when embarking on my first venture as a solo artist. I was very aware of the ‘didley-eye’ associations of trad and I guess I wanted to confront that. The instruments were always to hand so it was easy for them to find their way onto the EP. I also miraculously found a violin in a wheelie bin the same week I decided I wanted to start a song based around violin so that was very handy/weird! Some things are meant to be.'

Trick Mist Jars in Rows EP

Of the video itself, creator Graham Patterson, a video artist, director and editor who also made the video for previous track 'Your Brass Angel' says; 'In a kind of abstract way, I feel as if I’ve created a snapshot that represents a certain feeling, in the time and place in which I made this video, that relates to me and the song.'

To listen to the rest of the Jars in Rows EP and watch the other videos in the Gap Series, as well as keeping up to speed with all of the latest Trick Mist news, head along to the below links.

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