Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Premiere: Segrasso - And Let's Not Even Talk About Balzac

Segrasso And Let's Not Even Talk About Balzac

Info: Dublin sometimes dream pop, sometimes shoe-gaze, many times rock, band Segrasso have kindly provided a sneak peak of what to expect from their third EP, Jokes to Tell, which will be released a week from today on the 23rd of March with a launch night at their domicilium, The Workman's Club. 

As with their previous EP's, one track won't necessarily give a full indicator of what to expect from the rest of the songs, but on 'And Let's Not Even Talk About Balzac', (either a reference to arguments over the French novelist's works or the aftermath of a night of too much white wine), Segrasso consciously move further away from their lo-fi roots to an upbeat, fuzzy jangle-pop sound, here at least. 

The guitars hover on the outside of Ash's Free All Angels when the Downpatrick trio abandoned indie rock for power pop on their third album. The opening xylophone says, 'Hey there! Come with us.', and away we go, guitar loops pause only for their trademark sudden halts, one of which, towards the track's end, makes great use of stuttering distortion before normal service is resumed. Although completely unintentional, the mood of the song (which is entirely sunny) brought forth images of footage from 1980's working-class Britain to me, a post-punk soundtrack of a black and white summer, if that makes any sense. But that's Segrasso I suppose, always interesting and always thoughtfully balancing what they do best with something new, but more importantly, something different.

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