Saturday, 5 March 2016

Single: 5th Element - 2.0

5th Element & Doublescreen - 2.0

Info: 5th Element are Ger Kellett and Ryan "LINCO" Lincoln an emerging hip hop duo from Dublin who have just released their latest single '2.0' with accompanying video by DG Media. The pair have been active on the Irish scene for over two years now and have been invited to the likes of FM104 and RTÉ's TwoTube to record pieces and part take in interviews, as well as featuring in Hot Press.

There's everything to love and nothing to dislike about '2.0', from it's chilled mono sounding intro and backtrack, to Kellett and Lincoln's undeniable suitability to each other as a partnership. Everything is tight and kept straight-forward, gaps between the house vibe interludes and simultaneous rapping give the impression that the track from start to finish is completely natural in how it was put together, but it's obvious that they have spent considerable hard work and effort to reach this point in their music. 

For someone who is admittedly in need of making more of an effort to familiarise myself with the thankfully burgeoning Irish hip-hop scene, I instantly liked '2.0' and after only my second listen last week I was really enjoying the single, it's mood is tense but mellow and I have a sense that 5th Element are at the front of something that's getting bigger and bigger and finally slipping into the Irish music consciousness.

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