Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Single: Francis Watters & The Future West - Call Me Stupid

Francis Watters & The Future West

Francis Watters & The Future West - Call Me Stupid

Info: Newly formed Dundalk band, Francis Watters & The Future West (comprising of Francis Watters (vox) Rorie Ball & Sean Bradley (guitars), David Joyce (synths) Robert Clarke (bass) & David Noonan on drums) released their debut single, 'Call Me Stupid' (above) alongside B-side 'Go Dog, Go' just last week, preceded by a launch night in the Spirit Store.

There's something within these two distinct songs that draws a wry smile on ones face. 'Call Me Stupid' has an unusual Beatles circa Yellow Submarine theme, over-sized psychedelic cartoon characters plodding along to the music springs to mind for some reason. The track itself is a force loaded with velocity, from the swinging drums and rolling vocals it feels like you are being pulled back and forth with the rhythm the entire time, that might sound awful but it's actually incredible fun in this instance!

Second track 'Go Dog, Go' gave me a very different feeling, what The Strokes might have sounded like had they formed in 1979, I truly loved Watters' vocal performance here also, it's infectiously happy and enchanting, nostalgia-inducing in a way, yet with the band behind it they bring a strong punk vibe to proceedings. In many ways these two songs, the first offering, from FW & TFW, show how to do it right with regard to band size, sometimes too many can make the sound lost, but all six compliment each other and enhance the overall effect the music takes on the listener. Production is a little raw and could be cleaner, but other than that it's a big thumbs up for this debut release.

Francis Watters & The Future West - Go Dog, Go

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