Thursday, 17 March 2016

Single: Kevyn - Scars

Kevyn Scars Dublin Folk

Kevyn - Scars

Info: Indie-rock four-piece Kevyn from Dublin released their debut single, 'Scars' (above) last month, together for the best part of a year, the single has been in the making for quite some time, but the wait for them, and certainly us, has been worth it. Bravely drawing on the subjects of mental illness and depression, the proceeds of their launch night in Whelan's last month went to the wonderful suicide prevention charity Pieta House. 

The single is packed with emotion and spirit, it's opening low-toned acoustic plucking and hallowed harmonies (reminiscent of Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver) nag at your feelings instantly, a state compounded greatly by singer Karla Chubb's powerful vocals and authentic delivery. The chorus line of 'These scars they don't lie' is delivered defiantly and the band quickly zip from folk to rock with a perfectly timed build-up of drums and guitar. 

In a way Kevyn have split 'Scars' in two halves, musically and thematically, a reflective first half, (the line 'You left me broken and disgraced, could have stole it from me, my last days' as triumphant as it is morose) and a hammer-blow second, admirably . 'Scars' is sad, powerful and beautiful right up to its final seconds, and an early runner for one of the best Irish singles within their genre for 2016.

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