Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Single: Oyster Kids - Lips

Oyster Kids - Lips

- Review by Noël Duplaa

LA’s Oyster Kids seemingly dropped out of nowhere with last year’s debut single 'Creepy', which, aptly, was a dark and sleazy groove which earned them 160,000 plays on Soundcloud and the attention of the blogosphere all the way up to Consequence of Sound. While they’ve retained their mysterious air of anonymity with the release of their second single, 'Lips', they’ve switched their palette to something much more playful and summery.

Let’s be clear: like many pop songs before it, 'Lips' isn’t super "about" anything, in the way that Oasis’s 90’s output managed to be both incredibly heart-on-sleeve and utter nonsense. (I mean, just ask Noel, he’ll absolutely back me up; cocaine’s a hell of a drug). But while Oyster Kids' lyrics swirl around general ideas of transition, adaptation, forward movement and letting go of the past, the shuffling, insistent groove of the song blows right past, imbuing it with the feeling of deep, melancholy yearning.  Locking into the type of mid tempo danceable groove successfully mined by bands like Foster the People or The Black Keys, once the inevitable chorus bursts to life, replete with huge guitar, handclaps and addictive ooh-oohs, the song sweeps you away in its compulsive current. Like all good pop music should.

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