Thursday, 31 March 2016

Single Premiere: Motions - Back To Where I Begun

Motions - Back To Where I Begun

Info: Motions are an alternative rock band based in Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty in 2015. With powerful vocals accompanied by minimalist textures and heavy driving guitars, their sound ranges from shimmering soundscapes to bold anthemic rock. 2016 sees the release of their debut single 'Back To Where I Begun' - contemplating starting over when you're close to the point of no return.

Opening up with a solitary vocal and vibrating chord progression, 'Back To Where I Begun' slides along a slow-building and pensive trajectory before exploding into life. The ante is executed carefully by Motions, cautiously placing layer upon layer as each instrument enters the track, by the time we reach the second chorus the pendulum has started to swing with greater tempo before the band fully announce their arrival. Walls of sound surround the lead vocal towards it's finale, almost, but not quite over-taking it, aside from a really nicely placed interlude in the last few seconds, we're left at the opposite end of where we began and an abrupt finish wraps things up perfectly.

I would be quite comfortable predicting a very quick rise for Motions, they've melded indie, rock and pop into a single that you would expect a very good band to release at the third or fourth attempt, perhaps following their debut EP. This introduction is attention-grabbing and sincere, they succeed in placing you at centre-stage and when 'Back To Where I Begun' hits its stride half-way through you're already fully enjoying the experience. The Motions mast is one I'm pinning my colours to from today, and I'm quite looking forward to seeing them everywhere before long.

You can pre-order 'Back To Where I Begun' on iTunes here

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