Friday, 25 March 2016

Single: Rollercoasterwater - Avey Tare Said

Rollercoasterwater Avey Tare Said

Rollercoasterwater - Avey Tare Said

Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: Still in their early twenties, psychedelic LA duo Rollercoasterwater have released their new single 'Avey Tare Said', in anticipation of their forthcoming EP Umami Sounding Fireball. Building from an impressive back catalogue that already includes 2014’s album Dripping Retina along with 3 packed EPs, self described "vocalist and samplist" Chuckie Behring and "mind altering percussionist" Robin Levy, have shifted up a gear, already catching the attention of Consequence of Sound with this release.

With it’s Animal Collective shout out, Rollercoasterwater clearly have no problems proudly displaying their influences right there in the title of the song. In fact, Behring traces the origins of the tune to a backstage meeting he had with his hero when he was just 19, where Avey chatted to him about a wide range of subjects from psychedelics to marriage, ultimately delivering some profound advice about life and the music industry, including touring as much as possible and the succinct "never perform high".

And while the Animal Collective influence is there musically speaking, the most evident element that they’ve co-opted is the Portland natives' love of sonic experimentation. It makes a lot of sense when they describe their sound as, "existential music… psychedelic pop, noise, rhythmic, forest music. With samples of everything from old video games, to garbage trucks, edited sometimes to sound like rain". This is experimental psychedelic music, heavily focused on creating interesting, rippling textures, but making sure to not lose sight of the song at the heart of it. With their blissed out, reversed dream pop harmonies, they embody a similar Beach-Boys-on-acid aesthetic to their namechecked heroes: but while they may be looking at the beach, they’re viewing it from under the waves.

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