Saturday, 2 April 2016

Album: Bocuma - Story of a Cube OST

Bocuma Story of a Cube OST

Info: Story of a Cube is the latest project from Irish electronic and experimental artist Bocuma. The game itself was developed by Tiny Atom Games, Story of a Cube is an action packed shooter about a lone cube and his quest for revenge. Mixing elements of twin-stick shooters and bullet hell games, this is a hardcore arcade game with a crazy amount of explosions. Whilst gamers will enjoy the game, everyone should love the soundtrack that Bocuma has put together, the popular solo act has a huge catalogue of work behind him and this latest release continues the improvement in his sound, right from the very opening with the excellent 'Cube Reflection (Intro)'.

Martin Millar (Bocuma) explains the background of how he planned and created the manic and sometimes insane OST; "I had so much fun working with Tiny Atom Games on this as I got to create chip like tracks influenced from my love of 8bit gaming days and inspired by the greats Barry Leitch, Tim Follin and Johnathon Dunn. I aimed to create a retro glitched out vibe with lots of C64, ZX-Spectrum and NES like beeps n doots mixed with distorted breaks n beats, which would not only compliment the games frantic action but give some depth to the quieter moments. As my first (and hopefully not the last) entry into the chip soundtrack world I hope you enjoy it as much as I did producing it."

You can pick up your copy of Story of a Cub OST and check out the rest of Bocuma's works while you're at it here

For more info on the game and an interview with developer Fredrik Madsenof head over here.

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