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EP: Oh Joy - Joy For All

Oh Joy Joy For All EP

Oh Joy - Habits & Recreations

Info: Dublin alternative rock and indie trio Oh Joy released their debut EP, Joy For All, at the end of last month, following on the heels of singles, 'Dead Bee', 'Habits & Recreations' (above) and most recently, 'Peter The Nothing'. Formerly known as The Journals, Oliver Moyles, John McDowell and Alex Cummins took time out last year to head into the studio and work hard on creating something they felt they could be proud of with the help of Liam Mulvaney at Bow Lane Studio. 

The DNA of The Journals still ripples under opening track 'Habits & Recreations' (above), but it is immediately clear that Oh Joy have added a far heavier rock sound to their new material. Chugging bass and distorted guitar riffs coupled with smashing cymbals gives the single a sonic edge that will greatly appeal to fans of heavy rock such as myself, it is a quality single and we're off to a good start already.

'Dead Bee', (below) the first release from the forthcoming EP, opens gently with soft electric guitar and percussion, it's here that we can fully appreciate the uniqueness of frontman Oliver Moyles' vocals, pained and haunting yet crystal clear, a controlled tremble that stands out and delivers the mood of the song almost by itself. Latest single 'Peter The Nothing' dips it's toe in indie ballad territory, hitting James Dean Bradfield height notes, Moyles once again transposes emotion to the listener with great ease on a track that draws you under with it's balmy guitar sounds. 

Oh Joy - Dead Bee

Another highlight comes on 'Bless You', there's so much to like about this track, it's brimming with a sinister energy and loops effortlessly from moments of calm to chaos, where Oh Joy excel is executing the timing of these musical changes but also not becoming so preoccupied by them at the expense of retaining that sense of emotional abandon that characterises much of Joy For All

By the time you've waded through the first few bars of final track 'Mons' you realise the band are sitting on a potential 4 singles out of 5 which is some achievement for an EP release. 'Mons' is frustrated and lamenting, as well as ambitious in its reach, guitars bend and soar in and around the vocals and our ears, it's like a snapshot of where Oh Joy have come from since their new inception began, everything feels poured into this last track. These guys are the real deal, I've no doubt about that, and their song-writing talent and musicianship has always been evident, it's just so satisfying to see that they've channeled their determination into such a strong debut EP, they've been patient and strived for perfection and it's paid off.

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