Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Introducing: Tim Chadwick - Blindfolded

Tim Chadwick Blindfolded Single

Tim Chadwick - Blindfolded

Info: Not much is known of young singer songwriter Tim Chadwick but he is a name you will want to keep an eye on as we dive deeper into 2016. "Blindfolded" the debut single is an earworm of delight and an assured first offering from the Dublin native. Showcasing Chadwick’s distinctive melodic guitar writing and warm, yet soaring vocals the song in its simplicity is powerful. An impressive debut.

Chadwick's debut is an earnest piece of song-writing, thematically littered with uncertainty and self-doubtopening with bare vocals and acoustic strumming, it launches into infectiously upbeat melodies and his voice surges through its verses. 'Blindfolded' tips its hat to old and new Irish music, at times reminiscent of Glen Hansard's impassioned rabble-rousing on Fitzcarraldo and Dance The Devil, and musically touching on Chadwick's contemporaries Cry Monster Cry. No doubt such an energetically loud and anthemic altrernative pop debut will make many people sit up and take notice, all of the ingredients are here, but there's also something different that will make his music stand out from the crowd, the follow ups will be of great interest.

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