Saturday, 30 April 2016

Single: GILLBANKS - Childhood


GILLBANKS - Childhood

Info: GILLBANKS, a Peckham based artist, formerly from Falmouth, debuted a self released EP last November, Lend Me Your Skin, a pretty hypnotic blend of woozy swells and downcast slacker-imbued pop.

'Childhood' however is a deliciously acerbic track that weaves together all the spit and fuzz of prime Stephen Malkmus, with the knowing assuredness of a fresh-faced Graham Coxon. It’s a hypnotic brew, and a killer second step by this fresh, dizzyingly raw talent.

GILLBANKS strikes a unique balance once again on 'Childhood', casting his net far back to early 90's indie and chamber pop. Whilst by no means overt, the soft swagger of his vocals and the music remind me of early Damon Albarn (think a sleepy version of 'There's No Other Way') with the baggy pop sounds of The Happy Mondays and the playfulness of Belle & Sebastian. It's also a track of two halves in some ways, as it settles into a rockier affair after the mid point, a punchy energy to the guitars which increase the tracks tempo before launching into an elastic spurt of distortion, before a sparse reflective conclusion nicely wraps up proceedings. Another strong single from a musician who is very happy pushing his boundaries in all sorts of directions.

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