Friday, 22 April 2016

Single: Harbouring Oceans - Enso

Harbouring Oceans Enso

Harbouring Oceans - Enso

Info: Harbouring Oceans are an independent five-piece alt-pop / art rock band from Kilkenny who have just released their debut single 'Enso'. This song and accompanying video were recorded at Windmill Lane Studio 1, Dublin. Lyrically, the song examines the creative process and having the courage to persist through hardship.The track is reminiscent of early Maroon 5, Hozier, and Incubus.

As a music fan, 'Enso' by Harbouring Oceans was a song I was immediately able to enjoy with next to no effort. Here is a track that has all of the hallmarks of one of the best Irish pop-rock songs of 2016, impassioned soul-infused vocals and energetic music are accompanied and elevated by nailed on harmonies. There's also so much to be said for the guitar-playing which flits between subtle darts and euphoric bursts, presumably intended to remain in the background, but fittingly providing a core source of 'Enso''s greatness. Bands like Harbouring Oceans and contemporaries such as Ivy Nations, The Academic and OTHERKIN are wrestling popular music back to music fans and away from the mundanity of daytime radio, god speed.

Harbouring Oceans launch 'Enso' on the 28th of April @ The Button Factory

Harbouring Oceans Enso Launch Button Factory

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