Monday, 11 April 2016

Single: Kidsmoke - Heartache

Kidsmoke - Heartache

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: With their previous single 'Cut Yourself Loose', Welsh four piece Kidsmoke garnered much acclaim from the blogosphere in general, not to mention these hallowed pages. Their new single, 'Heartache', takes the momentum from that pop gem and charges forward, acting as the star-flooded night sky to the first release’s burning autumnal shades.

Despite being a relative newcomer to their aesthetic, it feels like there could be no more perfect title for a Kidsmoke song than Heartache, what with their preternatural gift for finding the uplift in downbeat yet stunning melancholic sunbursts.  The band have seemingly mastered the art of melding pure heart with songs that ache and throb with earnest yearning. Musically, the rhythm section pulse with the tension of a 1980’s halogen lit Manchester factory, while the Smithsian guitars gradually lure the song towards the soaring, transcendent chorus of "oh my heart/ oh my heart/ oh my heartache."  

The image that accompanies this release, painted by local artist Mike Payne, aptly depicts a cartoon man launched from the surface of a tiny Little-Prince green planet by the sheer power of the multicoloured explosion bursting from his chest.  With this current vein of form handily displaying the sheer breadth of vision harnessed by the Wrexham four-piece, there’s no reason to believe that they can’t emulate their cover’s heart bursting leap into the stratosphere.

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Kidsmoke Heartache Single

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